Teachers TV: The Montessori Method

by Matt Bronsil, author of English as a Foreign Language in the Montessori Classroom

Want to know more about Montessori Education? Check out this great video from Teachers TV. It is a biography of Maria Montessori, plus an overview of the Montessori Educational Method.

Sections of the video:

Introduction of the video
00:25 What was Maria Montessori's Mission in Education?
01:00 Maria Montessori as a doctor and her observations
02:15 Montessori vs. Benito Mussolini
02:55 Is Montessori outdated?
05:10 Who was Maria Montessori?
07:00 Montessori's progressive movement in education
08:50 Montessori's first school: The Casa dei Bambini
09:17 Her son: Mario Montessori
10:15 Montessori traveling and problems in Italy (Mussolini)
11:30 Montessori in England: A former Montessori Teacher visits her old school
13:44 Montessori's revolutionary ideas and what we see now as standard
15:52 How the classroom operates
25:40 Benefits of Montessori in empowering children

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