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Below are several articles from McClure's Magazine about Montessori. McClure's Magazine helped Montessori gain popularity in 1911 when it published its first article about Montessori by Josephine Tozier, a writer of articles on traveling who visited a Montessori school. Most articles contain pictures that are hard to find of the first Montessori schools. The McClure's Magazine articles about Montessori give us insight into the early Montessori movement and remind us of our important task to always focus on the child.

An Educational Wonder-Worker by Josephine Tozier
McClure's Magazine, May, 1911.

This article talks about the first two Montessori schools built and the background to how Montessori got inspired and began working in the schools.

The Montessori Schools in Rome by Josephine Tozier
McClure's Magazine, December, 1911.

A look at Rome's first Montessori schools. Includes several photos.

The Montessori Apparatus by Josephine Tozier
McClure's Magazine, January, 1912.

Josephine Tozier explains many of the Montessori lessons and materials.

The Montessori Method and the American Kindergarden by Ellen Yale Stevens
McClure's Magazine, November, 1912.

Ellen Yale Stevens talks about meeting Maria Montessori and the compares it to Froebel. She describes how it is different working with American children.

The Montessori Movement:
A McClure Department
by Ellen Yale Stevens

Ellen Yale Stevens wrote several books and articles about Montessori. In this article, she answers some of the frequently asked questions about Montessori that were received from the McClure Magazine staff in the early part of the 20th Century.

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